#Jantacurfew began in the right spirit. There was not a soul in sight except for morning walkers who thought getting out and walking within the building premises was normal. Looking at the walkers, whatsapp groups started buzzing about curfew violators and the ones who were forcing themselves into confinement were an angry lot.

The newspapers were in and offered some respite from dull and dreary TV programming. It seemed like just another sunday, just that no one stepped out.

Evening 5 PM, heeding to the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s call, people stepped out on to their balconies, banging pots and pans, blowing conches and applauding health workers and service personnel. It was a small gesture to appreciate the tireless efforts of countless workers toiling for everyone’s health unmindful of their own.

The 5 PM applauding session for healthworkers and service personnel

Late towards evening, the Hon’ble CM of Maharashtra smartly extended the lockdown until the next day and communicated that all offices, schools and shops were shut until the 31st of March. It was essential for a city like Mumbai which does not need a reason to get out, especially on Monday morning.

#Lunch was an interesting Sundakkai vathakuzhambu and Thengai thogayal

For an evening snack, the Bhel was to come to everyone’s rescue.

Preparing the evening snack

The day ended well and everyone was looking forward to working from home until 31st of March.

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