People have been notified about the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s address to the Nation at 8 PM. Ever since the PM announced denomination at 8 PM on a day in 2016, the country has its eyes and ears focused with rapt attention on his key messages.

It was confirmed. 21 days of a total #lockdown. No exceptions and nothing will be taken for granted. All means of transport would come to a grinding halt and people would be expected to stay where they are and not stir out. He explained in very simple language that this was the only way to beat this disease though the price was very steep. In his 30 min address he sent a message that the life of every Indian was valuable and he will spare no effort to ensure that. Am sure even a child was able to understand his messaging with a lot of clarity.

Panic buying was reported within minutes of the Prime Minister’s announcement.

While all this was going on, the stock market was bleeding and would settle at levels of the 2008 financial crisis. Better to turn a blind eye and just let the investments be!

Lunch was a simple Dal and Alu + Capsicum curry. With the cook away, 2 meals a day did suffice.

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