People have just started to understand the rules of a total #Lockdown. TV is full of visuals of violators being given the rough end of the stick by policemen patrolling the streets. Youngesters who step out are made to apologize, hold posters decrying their action, made to hold ears and do thoppukaranam (the west calls it super brain yoga!).

Morning walkers who thought it to be just another day, stepped out and chose to invent their own lockdown rules by circumambulating the building as part of their morning walk. A few rude whatsapp protests later, many went back to exercising withing their homes.

People are just about reading the news / online material on symptoms and the Do’s / Dont’s. Testing is to be done only when one observes the symptoms on the fourth day. Washing hands and feet after every trip out of home, washing the clothes worn is extremely critical towards ensuring an infection free existance. Reminded of orthodox homes who never used to allow people to enter the home without washing of feet and hands; same after finishing ablutions.

Not procrastinating any home activity is a great way to ensure that there is no backlog. Cleaning up after lunch / dinner saves a lot of irritation.

Whatsapp groups are flooded with links on Amarchitra Katha, Tinkle, Series, movies and other random reading material. Amarchitra Katha did a wonderful thing by opening up their entire collection for a free one month read.

Lunch was Chhole + Rice. Single dish – quick and easy.

We were ready for the long haul !

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