Feels like one has settled in to a rythm working from home but miss all the corridor walk, fetching coffee, filling up water at the cooler, greeting colleagues, ambling in to conference rooms for calls/meetings, lunch table gatherings etc.,

While the lockdown and work from home continued, a few colleagues decided to call it a day from the company and decided to pursue their interests. Could not even meet to say goodbyes.

Trying to ensure that team members are empowered, equipped to take decisions, ability to think on their feet so that they feel they are in charge of what is in front of them. Empower, equip and get out of the way!

Lot of deals on which there was phenomenal collective effort have progressed in to decision territory. Feels good and need to ensure that the final steps are done with eye on every single detail and communication is without ambiguity.

The trend of single dish for lunch continues with Lemon and Curd rice. Evening dinner consisted of Upma and a leftover vathalkuzhambu. The leftover vathalkuzhambu made from tamarind seems to have fermented really well and it tasted out of the world.

Bravo to the Mrs.

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