The deal is within touching distance. Just require some caution and should not be getting ahead of ourselves.

Today, the Prime Minister’s Office placed a request to the company to understand the nature of work done by us with Pharmaceutical companies to help combat the COVID 19 pandemic. Seems we have been working with a lot of them in clinical trials handling data, helping process orders for testing kits, writing software to manage employee and patient welfare and many more to ensure that the cure gets to the market real fast.

The daily call pattern repeats. People seem a bit shy to switch on their personal webcams during calls. Understandable!

While the pandemic rages, people still leave for better opportunities. Indication that things will ultimately return to normalcy. They have allowed themselves to serve the notice period and not hurry the organization to relieve them. The company is now a temporary bomb shelter.

The hair has grown in a real awkward way and seems like salons and barber shops will be the most sought after places once the curfew is lifted.

The evening snack / norugu theeni is sorely missed.

Lunch was an excellent Radish sambhar with lady’s finger curry (Okra).

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