The weekend is here – 28th of March 2020. Seems like there is very little difference between a work week and the weekend.

There is a deal to be done, finance team to be woken up, numbers concluded and a small discount offered. People have chosen not to be available but like the law, the sales guy catches up and gets the job done. Nagging, pestering, persisting, obstinacy; all much required while working in a matrixed, heavily bureaucratic organization.

An interesting website tracks the status of COVID-19 infections, deaths and recovery worldwide. Crowdsourced with excellent infographics.

Lot of sunlight is need of the hour. So, a trip out to buy some essentials provides some respite. However, once back, one has to dump all the clothes for wash and mandatorily shower.

The balcony is full of pigeon droppings, feathers, mud and other assorted rubbish. Deserves a solid water wash accompanied by filling up of water in the bird bath.

The thought of documenting the lockdown experiences came up for the first time. The food photographs are there to keep life going on amidst the fight that is on outside.

Tomato rice with Vadam made it an absolutely fabulous sleep inducing lunch

If Vadam has been made, the Mrs. is definitely a happy person notwithstanding the fact that her travel industry has all but shut shop with no time line on the horizon for revival.

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