It is 7 days since the #Jantacurfew happened. Anyone who thought that people were not prepared for a lockdown is not accurate. It would have triggered had the leadership set a date for the lockdown. The transportation network would have been overwhelmed given the sheer pressure the population is bound to apply on the logisitics system of the country.

The one day #Jantacurfew was like a curtain raiser and preparatory for the #lockdown. There are times when we have to trust the leadership with a complete understanding that they are doing it in the best interest of the country and protecting every single life.

India finally has its crowdsourced site to track the progress made by the country. The source files are meticulously maintained and seem to draw from various structured and unstructured sources. Huge applause to the group of committed volunteers maintaining it.

Sunday without the newspapers for the first time seemed a bit odd. One gets to sample views across the political spectrum when scanning publications who lean on either sides of the spectrum. Missing it! A few enterprising folks on whatsapp have started dropping in pdf versions of daily newspapers in to groups.

A leaky faucet has got the Mrs. and Miss. all panicky. Have been prohibited from gargling, spitting and any water based activities.

A single dish #lunch for #Sunday was aromatic and nutritious, full of all vegetables. Great lunch and a great evening before winding down for a new week starting at HOME !

Pulav with vegetables, the green colour is from spices ground with coconut, onion, garlic and a plenty of coriander. The curd based accompaniment lifts the dish.

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