Following the arrival of groceries, ordered from an online portal, the dosas are back. Idli rice and urad dal, two most important items in a south indian household, regarded as lifelines, were available and promptly ordered.When in doubt, dosa saves the day! No need for any sides, just a helping of molagapodi can render a meal complete.

As we headed towards the weekend, the day was spent drowned in calls including a team pipeline call. Wanted to move away from the standard deal based pipeline call to sharing of fresh new ideas and learning from experiences. That worked and people were at their best expressing themselves freely and offering numerous suggestions. Implementation / execution however is key.

People on the floor seem to be doing well including a daredevil lady who happened to pick up 2 of her project iPads amidst the lockdown. Enabled her work to continue uninterrupted.

Our PM never surprises and he was back on the 3rd of April Friday morning 9 AM with a video message. THis time he was urging citizens to switch off all artificial lights at 9 PM on the 5th of April and come together to light lamps for 9 minutes. As usual, the naysayers had their views, meme makers had theirs and the ones who had faith in his leadership planned on how to execute it. The man possesses the moral authority and is able to exhort his fellow citizens to come together and stand shoulder to shoulder in these difficult times.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister requesting fellow citizens to come together in solidarity

People were readying themselves for the 9 min task on hand. The day ended predictably with a call. Dead Tired!

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