The weekend brings in more house work than usual.

Managed to find a slot to get some groceries delivered to the in-laws on the 8th of April and for ourselves on the 6th of April. The grocery website call center girl appeared to slump while speaking. How do you boost the morale of your team in these times ?

To make matters easy for the Mrs., some of the vegetables (broadbeans, cluster beans) were washed, cut and stored away for a quick stir. That way, some amount of weekday time has been saved. Hope the Mrs. has a word of appreciation.

Lot of old trousers had to be washed. The household help was asked to appear to collect her salary dues. The cook was in a position to accept electronic transfers and she promptly conveyed the jingle of money arriving in to her bank account.

Saturdays are busy days with trips to places like Vile Parle to buy sundry groceries, clean vegetables and greens and fresh fruit. A few yards from the markets, a gram shop sells roasted peanuts which are a great snack. The unsalted version is a hit and blends in to almost everything, most friendly with puffed rice. The trip is rounded off with a plate of Bhel puri at Sharma Bhel. Missing all of it!

Lunch was some paruppu sadam, mix vegetable sambar and some kachumber salad to go with it. What a filling lunch. Slept for 90 minutes (struggled to get sleep in the night though).

Paruppu sadam doused with Ghee, layered with some mix veg sambar and sumptuos kachumber salad. THis was followed by some standalone sambar rice before deciding to call it an afternoon…..

Sunday is expected to bring in more heavy duty washing.

Jai Shri Ram!

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