Groceries were running low on stocks. Not only at home but also at 2 other headquarters – parents and in-laws. The neighbourhood grocer did not possess all the stocks and people were happy to cart away anything remotely edible. I saw a guy lug about 5 packets of macaroni and an equal number of vermicelli packets along with a number of soup packets. Weather hitting 36 degrees and people want to have a soup ?

The online ordering portal was accepting orders based on availability of delivery personnel and slots created thereof. Once added to the cart, random attempts were required to check if a delivery slot opened up. A session was kept open for this purpose and a prompt reminder kept arriving from the Mrs. for a check. As a result, two trips were required to the nearby grocer and egg vendor; washing of clothes worn and self were followed.

In addition to regular work, the company wanted to praise individuals who went beyond the call of duty to enable their team members offer continued services to customers. Such emails were being sent on a daily basis after gathering stories from across the 45,000 strong team.

A walk around the residential complex was required to shake off the lethargy of a sedentary posture throughout the day. Frankly, how long can a human being continue to concentrate through six to eight calls in a day. Attending a call without an agenda is a sin.

Lunch – quite good infact. Rasam with a brinjal (eggplant) curry accompanied with a salad. Dinner was Rava Dosa

Rasam with a brinjal curry made with a masala accompanied by a salad. Simple and effective. No Rasam rice without Ghee

And so speaking we were slowly crawling towards mid-week. The Miss was busy attending e-classrooms for 4 hours a day and according to her it was ok and incomparable to school. The Mrs. was keeping herself busy by calling her grounded customers and enquiring about their wellbeing. A great way to stay in touch and keeping the relationship warm.


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