On days such as these, tools like meditation (Shambhavi is a must do for me!) and Surya Namaskar serve to keep this wonderful machine chugging along. Outdoor exercises have their advantages but the Surya Namaskar seems like a complete exercise which has 100% coverage of all the limbs and duly amps up the heart rate. The muscles are stretched and strengthened. The hours and hours of sitting requires this.

The deal which is due for closure has kept us on tenterhooks and the stress can be felt through all the virtual channels.

A lot of regular calls and some of them are just status reports, some one seeking suggestions and some become nauseating after a point in time. A colleague and direct report is moving in to a new role within the company. A call has been organized to thank him for his services to the team. Like a long serving employee leaving, the team gushes with sweet words and in return the colleague offers a tonne of homilies. 30 minutes of absolute pain ended and a new chapter began for everyone.

Random documents come to me for edits. Scrapping 70% of content and returning the document offends some but i could not care less.

Lunch was a great White pumpkin kootu. The same was offered as an accompaniment to Upma for dinner. As i said, these are one dish days. This is offered after performing a chore of returning washed utensils to their resting places and setting the kitchen up for the Mrs.

In all, the week was off to a sedate start. Lets bring on the next few days!

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