End of financial year always brings with it a financial windfall. Bank interests on deposits get credited before one wakes up. The Mrs. is definitely a happy person and one can really expect that extra cup of tea while at work.

Regular business calls were on the calendar. Some of them were related to an analyst agency asking us to do a self-assessment of our own capabilities and then coming back to compare us to with other peers. The effort that goes in to collecting data, writing marketing gibberish could have been better spent in writing a white paper on a Business challenge. These guys learn at your expense and come back to preach to you in the guise of providing advisory services.

The Mrs. runs her own Leisure Travel establishment from home. She has been hopping on to numerous webconferences where her industry colleagues have been taking turns to crystal ball gaze the future of travel. It is a bit disheartening to see airplans on the tarmac than on the skies. More than the physical infrastructure, what will give the confidence to people to pack their bags and get out of homes ? No straight answers here. Time alone can provide the answers

The leadership has been grateful to the team for having risen up during this moment of crisis. A lot of employee friendly measures announced by the company including a work from home that is effective until 30th of April.

Lunch was a new single dish item – Alu mutter pulav(courtesy of Hebbar’s kitchen). The recommendation was made by me and the outcome was truly despised by one and all.

Alu mutter pulav got a thumbs down but was consumed to avoid wastage. The accompaniments were introduced to lessen the pain.

Something required to undo the lunch damage. Tomorrow being Ram Navami, something delicious had to be done both for Ram and all.

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