The country seemed to be heading towards flattening the curve (no drastic increases in new cases) until the conservative islamic sect of Tableeghi Jamat case came out of the closet. These ultra conservatives numbering about 2,000 had holed themselves up in a building at Nizamuddin in New Delhi. Social distancing had been thrown out of the window. Local preachers and visiting preachers from overseas had congregated in one building to hear sermons from the head of their sect. They proceeded without adhering to the norms laid out by the local SHO. Many travelled to their home towns after the congregation while some remained holed up not knowing whether to get out during the lockdown / to stay put with all the coughing and spitting. This one incident has opened up the faultlines across our establishment.

The tracking of the Jamaatis across the country has been construed as a manhunt and has received counter attacks from the muslim community on health workers and law enforcement officers. Unpardonble! The blame is squarely on Indian authorities who are unwilling to apply the law evenly.

The collective anger against the muslim community has always been couched in political correctness. Social media however does not take any hostages and has been an outlet for frank and in some cases extreme views.

While this continued, the country celebrated Ram Navami, the greatest avatar to have walked this planet. India awaits a grand temple at Ayodhya in honour of her favorite son.

Keeping Ram Navami in mind, the prayer area was spruced up.

Home prayer area spruced up on the occassion of Ram Navami

Had things been normal, the country would have erupted in joyous celebration what with the judgement having arrived in favor of construction of a grand temple in Ayodhya. Time will make that happen as well. We will wait!

Lunch was special as the roti and potato fenugreek leaves curry was made by the Miss and the sakkarai pongal was by the Mrs. Lunch was consumed after an offering to the Lord on the auspicious occassion.

Roti, potato and fenugreek leaves curry, Sakkarai pongal and panchamirtham for lunch. No Dinner.

Jai Shri Ram!

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