The Hon’ble Prime Minister had made his request to the citizens to come out on the 5th of April at 9 PM for 9 minutes and light lamps outside their homes and experience the moment of solidarity. People were truly looking forward to the evening and it seemed like a moment to get away from the solitary pain of a lockdown to the joys of togetherness.

The day seemed a little different than a weekday thanks mainly to zero office calls to attend to. Yet, there were some crazy folks who made sure they kept their mouse clicks on the send buttons.

The day was utilized to note down significant events and emotions of the day, the week gone by and the time since the lockdown. Sanity prevails, moments of madness or anger are futile as one has to come back and face the same person within the next minute, no way one can get out and run elsewhere. Acceptance has set in.

The news on TV has become painful. WION seems to be a decent watch with no ear shattering narrations / discussions. They seem to have taken a hardline on #China via their program called Gravitas. The US trade office has made crucial remarks, in the presence of The President, on how US should grow self-reliant when it comes to life saving drugs and equipment. Seems like a huge moment, words that could come back to shape the world anew.

The day passed with some reading, blogging, music and trying to eat the same packed snacks. Lunch was some peerkangai thogayal and rice (Ridge gourd mashed with pulses and spices). This was followed by some pepper rasam. The pepper rasam was a quick one; A cube from a company called Maiyas just dissolved in hot water. Just need to garnish some coriander on top and temper it.

Rice topped with peerkangai thogayal and some chips as sides
Peerkangai Thogayal with hot rice and ghee

The appointed hour neared and we could see people assembling in their balconies. Lamps were readied with wicks and oil poured in to it. The torches, mobile flashes and lamps trickled out at 855 PM and at 9 PM, the building was awash with the glow of concerted citizens illuminated by the lamps. There was something about the moment that got people to come together.

Building with lights switched off and people lighting lamps for 9 minutes
THe Kalpataru Estate building at Andheri East during the 9 minutes

The minutes that followed was exchanging images on whatsapp and sending out congratulatory texts. The battle was not won but just got people steeled up for the long drawn war. The lights were there to guide people out of these dark moments.

Power to the people!

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