Began a series of one to one connects with team members who joined us recently and understood their background in greater detail. Helps while drawing out specific career plans and handing in work which is to their liking. A morning session to orient a few new joiners on the industry we service and the offerings for the industry.

The vertical team is keen to draw up a strategy for the years to come. Teams are coming together to apply themselves for the next 12 – 14 weeks before a presentation to the board.

There are requests to constantly check on availability of delivery slots with an online grocery retailer. It is better to start making a list and have them ready before placing an order. Using Google Keep to keep track of favorites, making lists, saving long read items; searchable and takes in items of various MIME types.

Trips to the local grocer to buy immediate necessities like cereal, cleaning liquid, instant snacks, hygiene goods, cleaning goods happen in the timeframe before lunch. Post the purchases, wash of clothes and a bath becomes mandatory. The ladies begin their online purchases on an online beauty products portal, the Ms. and i begin ordering our health drinks on the cold pressed juice vendor. It is great to see these online channel based vendors beging their services as it can kickstart local economies in a small but significant ways. Food delivery chains too have begun delivering from restaurants who seem to have open their kitchens with a very basic menu.

One company that seems to have cranked up its supply chain & manufacturing and is benefiting from its distribution network is ID. Their packaged Idli, Dosa batters and parathas have become life savers for housewives and bachelors. Excellent packaging, interesting line of products and excellent pricing have seen their products flying off the shelves during this lockdown. Great Business!

The ladies at home have been reviewing recipes for Kadai Paneer with Rotis. Turns out that the recipe by Ranveer Brar was chosen to be replicated. Must say, it turned out to be on the money! Bravo!

Kadai Paneer with 2 chapatis in a plate
Kadai Paneer and ghee toasted chapatis for lunch

An expansive lunch like this naturally leads us to a simple dosa dinner. Two meals a day is light and filling.

Day winds up only by 11 PM. What will tomorrow bring ?

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