The calendar for the day begins by 11 AM and goes on non-stop until 10 PM.

Thanks to the speakerphone, there is practically no strain on the ears. Comprehensive AV equipment for working from home will become a great commercial opportunity in times to come i guess.

A townhall with managers is expected to communicate the state of the company, steps taken to continue customer support, appreciating the teams who have gone beyond the call of duty to keep work going on.

Lot of news going around in the company about curtailed projects, people without projects, loss of revenue and finally leading to reduced guidance for the year.

The deal is expected to be announced any day now. A few overexcited pursuit team members wanted to draft an announcement mail in anticipation. Politely turned down the request. A few pending technical queries were answered to the best of our understanding and presented in the same format that was used during our final presentation.

Exercise, chop, work, eat, sleep, repeat. Read, study, learn, listen are verbs which have been reserved for the weekend it seems.

Pending vegetables had to be utilized and fresh vegetables procured. To ensure, the Mrs. settled to prepare simple dishes over the next few days so that the refrigerator could be cleaned up. There was a vote taken to order some cupcakes from a neighbourhood baker who was waiting to jump at the mention of the word called ‘Order’. The cupcakes and brownies were ordered and a 24 hour window given for collection.

Lunch was rice, cluster beans curry, Tomato rasam and flame roasted papad. Ghee lifted the experience.

Rice with Tomato rasam, Kothavarangai / cluster beans curry and roasted papad
Tomato Rasam, Papad and cluster beans curry (kothavarangai)

The next two days could see a long deal journey come to a conclusion. Reactions and responses to be watched and understood for human emotions.

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