A busy week begins!

The leadership is keen to know the business pipeline and team composition. How to go after new business, what business to go after, should we talk about offerings valid in the COVID 19 scenario, what will we discuss to address their short term pain and also help them prepare for the long term ? Questions abound. Questions relevant to the customer are in many ways relevant to the family as well.

What is a family that has not saved and has little cash in the bank going to do if the lockdown and the expected slowdown stretches their finances ? Are the elderly protected from this storm financially ? The government is doing its best to ease the burden on interest payments but the pain just got delayed and is not totally out of the way.

The business unit strategy discussions are underway and 11 AM everyday is a scrum call to align on work completed, to be taken up and challenges.

Prior to the leadership pipeline call, the team call happens and a thorough pipeline discussion is conducted. How can we regularize the habits of the team with respect to tracking of activities that they own ? The company has provided multiple collaboration tools to make life easier but the world still derives pleasure by shooting of emails by the dozens.

Conflict resolution with dialogue and ability to take decisions is a culture that has to sink in.

Pipeline review with leadership passes of without any major incident. Getting to know these guys a little better and how their asks vary from one another. In this age of personalization, even in such calls, important to prepare from the perspective of what they would like to hear. Are we covering the deals they want to see ?

Lunch is a simple Methi dal and Cabbage + peas subzi. Skipped taking a snap.

Next day is regional new year festivals including the Tamil new year. An announcement by the Hon’ble Prime Minister has been scheduled for 9 AM on the 14th of April.

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