Today is devoted to preparing for the interaction with analysts. In the meanwhile, the company is churning out insights, crystal ball gazing on how various industries are going to cope with the COVID 19 situation. There is a deluge of information everywhere and all of them are reactions and snap judgements. Frankly, no one knows what the next day will bring. Human will however will help navigate the roughest seas.

Any business who has always kept his customer at the center of all his actions will know what needs to be done to keep his customer satisfied. Similarly, governments who have the citizens, businesses and its soverign borders at the core of its actions will know what needs to be done for each of them.

Online grocery portals have tried to create a disruption in a country where the neighbourhood store (kirana) has a better pulse of buyers in its vicinity. For the online portals, this crisis was the best opportunity to showcase their capability to adapt and deliver, giving the same experience to the customer. Lack of clarity in government rules aside, these portals have largely flattered only to deceive. Our first order was delivered flawlessly but only after close to 30 hits on the site trying to check for a delivery slot.That was the last order on the site after which multiple issues started surfacing

  1. Stock outs – within 2 weeks of the lockdown, they have completely stocked out and have not been able to replenish even basic items like rice
  2. No intimation mechanism about delivery slots opening up. One has to randomly try after loading the basket and if one is victorious with grabbing a slot, consider yourself lucky!
  3. There is no way the basket is reflecting the availability. Between picking items in to the basked and whenever one pays during checkout, atleast 70 – 80% of the items are stocked out and one is left with items which one may not need
  4. Grocery sites are definitely a no-go for fruits and vegetables. Stale vegetables, over ripe fruits and damaged goods have ensured that this category should best be left handled by the local market

A neighbourhood store operating for over a decade is confident with his supplychain and has most of the distributors eating out of his hand. If there is one thing that is good about online grocery that is about ordering remotely for things to be delivered to elderly folk living on their own.

Calls continued throughout the day. Set aside an hour to review a few proposal documents and shared comments and prepared the team for a discussion before the final submission.

Lunch was a simple rasam with a bitter gourd subzi. Easy on the stomach and lesser chance of hitting the sack.

One more day and then the weekend arrives to rescue.

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