And so we are now in the second and hopefully the last phase of the lockdown. The country has now started the long process of kick starting the economy by announcing sector wise opening up starting from the 20th of April. Important among them being agriculture and other sectors relying on manpower and the MNREGA segment which involves creation of work so that unskilled labour can be employed and earning opportunities created.

There are countless stories of effective management and mismanagement of the crisis. Several state leaders have risen to the occassion and have moved the administrative machinery to get cracking at tracing the infected, testing them and quarantining them. However, there have been a few who have found this the right time for politicking and have been called out on social media

While the politicians are at it, it is important for the lay folk to understand the happenings on the ground, and happenings supported with data. One of the best twitter handles that talks about how India is progressing in the war against the virus is of Prof Shamika Ravi.

Professor Shamika Ravi has been posting daily updates on the status of COVID19 cases in India along with commentary on how it is progressing. All driven purely by data.

A final team orientation session has been pushed to Monday to accommodate some preparation time for the evening call with analysts. The rest of the afternoon is used to prepare for the analyst call. That is interspersed with other review activity and closures for the week. We have also been running a story series on how various project teams have been coping with the lockdown and have continued to work remotely and deliver successfully for clients. The education in this has been about knowing the range of work that companies have been doing in the world’s fight towards #COVID19.

The evening call with analysts passes of without a glitch. Kept the concentration going for the entire 90 minutes. There were no What if or How may we questions just the common place ones which any company is anyway prepared to answer; including a lot of blah on #COVID19. The call brought the day and the week to a close. A note of appreciation from the leadership on the preparation and execution of the call helped end the day on a high.

The call would not have been successful had it not been for a tasty lunch by the Mrs. of Onion rice and a black chickpea gravy. Rendered support by cutting up some onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and chillies.

Onion rice with kadalai or black chickpea gravy which was a tomato onion based one
Onion rice with kadalai or black chickpea gravy which was a tomato onion based one

The reward for a good analyst call was an a delightful rava idly with a potato gravy for sides.

Rava Idly with Potato masala or potato gravy made in a south indian style
Rava Idly with Potato masala or potato gravy made in a south indian style

A happy Mrs. is possible with good assistance in the kitchen of namely stacking the dried vessels, clearing up food remains, ensuring there is no shortage of ingredients and of course keeping the vegetables washed and chopped to precision based on the menu for the day.

Saturday was earmarked for some sundry shopping, blogging and of course an essential nap!

Har Har Mahadev!

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