First saturday after the announcement of Lockdown 2.0. Saturday’s are reserved for top up groceries and some additional vegetables to pull through the following week. Managing the grocery inventory requires constant scrutiny of dry groceries, vegetables, fruits, confectrionaries and the occassional packed snacks. Scrutiny is done midweek and over the weekend.

The apartment complex housing the grocery store now has its main doors shut. Two apartments away, two residents of a building have tested #COVID19 positive and the nearby residents have gone in to a containment mode. Orders are taken by the store attendants and the goods are delivered across the grilles of the gate. Adding half a dozen of eggs, vegetables and fruits too are added as purchases for the week.

A quick round of exercise – Suryanamaskar was followed by a sumptuous lunch of South Indian Pulav with raitha.

A plate of south indian pulav made with coconut and coriander ground with spices and lots of vegetables along with raita
A plate of south indian pulav made with coconut and coriander ground with spices and lots of vegetables along with raita

The vegetable truck arrives in the afternoon stacked with a lot of coriander, vegetables, some watermelon and lots of gooseberries. Steamed gooseberries are said to offer excellent immunity as they are loaded with a lot of vitamin C. 20 Rs worth of it along with some watermelon and cucumbers completed the purchases for the week.

TV gets duller by the day as channels are nearly done with their original programming. Older movies are screened and all of it makes TV a painful watch. Tamil channels are screening a few interesting movies of 2019 and early 2020 and that gets your attention for a while. Radio FM channels are playing songs from the 90’s and all of it ad-free. A world without advertising is hard for all consumer facing businesses. Movies without adbreaks are an absolute delight though.

The local corporation set up a health monitoring station within the building premises. Residents were requested to walk in, get their temperature checked and ensure that compliance was ensured. Admirable step.

The weekend was going to be a busy one with atleast 3 hours of office work and some cleaning!

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