Sunday begins with cleaning of ceiling fans that have accumulated dirt along its 3 blades. Following this, window panes get a wipe and some of them require a brush to get the pigeon poop out. A blemish free view of the apartment complex ensues and the living room is bathed in light after the drapes are pushed to the sides. After the in-house cleaning, the balcony gets a water wash and a tonne of red mud is also removed. The bird bath is also given a refill. A few pigeons and crows land in for a few sips.

Behind schedule for a presentation due on Thursday; Not even a draft is done. A 2 hour sitting prior to lunch ensues. An evening call is also set up between colleagues to take stock of preparation for the investor relations presentation. Getting to work was possible only after helping the Mrs. with some preparation for lunch. Fresh coriander thuvayal was included in the menu and ingredients had to be roasted and allowed to cool. Amla (nellikai) was steamed and included as part of the menu.

Home food has kept hunger pangs to a minimum and in general one seems content to have 2 good meals a day. The evening office snack is now non-existant and many colleagues have been happy about the resulting weight loss. Samosas, bhel, dhokla etc., are only available via google search these days.

Lunch consisted of poricha rasam which did not contain any tuvar dal or tamarind. Specially ground masala was used by the Mrs. to make an impactful dish. The kothamalli (coriander) thuvayal, Rasam and curd made it a 3 course meal.

Poricha Rasam and rice, Bhindi subzi, Kothamalli (coriander) thuvayal along with steamed amla
Poricha Rasam and rice, Bhindi subzi, Kothamalli (coriander) thuvayal along with steamed amla

Rasam rice is usually consumed with mixture or other knick knacks but non-availability has ensured a non-corrupted rasam sadam.

Evening passes off peacefully with some tea, biscuits and some rava dosa for dinner. Week is expected to be a busy one what with certain incidents having rattled the company.

Jai Shri Ram!

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