Eleven more days to go for lockdown 2.0 to end.

The company is preparing to report its first quarter results for 2020. Preparation is underway to brief the investor relations team on the performance by the Industry vertical team. Work involves gathering qualitative information on market headwinds, tailwinds and performance of the business unit in the post COVID-19 scenario. Final touches given after feedback from the leadership and the presentation shared with the coporate finance team.

Other presentations, deal reviews and data collection activities continue in the background unhindered. An interesting and an effective technique was taught to the team today. The pyramid principle of thinking was used as we were building a presentation for the company’s board. Developed as a training module within McKinsey, this has proven to be a logical way to synthesize observations in to findings and further on to guiding thought.

A news channel has taken on the opposition and the ruling dispensation in the state where two hindu sadhus were lynched. A direct line of questioning was used on the acting president of a national party which is a member of the coalition ruling the state. The fireworks of the news channel anchor has set alight social media and has questioned the aura of invincibility that was built around the acting president. The failure to issue a condemnation of the incident of lynching despite having a share in power was a huge mistake and brought the fault lines and their understanding of India to the fore. Subsequently 200 FIR’s were filed against the effervescent anchor of the channel . The supreme court intervened and ensured rights of the press and the freedom to air views and at the same time put off any arrests for 3 weeks. Interesting times ahead.

A shopping trip to the nearby store. Sesame oil was sold but discovered as expired only after a detailed scrutiny of the smell and then the expiry date. Even after so many years, retailers dont junk expired stock and still have the nerve to sell it to customers. Honesty is a culture! Morning was busy with other support activities like chopping up a cluster of beans and a couple of carrots and grating a coconut – in a mechanized way of course!

The handicapped retailer of eggs is one enterprising guy and he hands out chits of paper detailing his name and contact details. A call to order vegetables and fruits, and one could pick them up at his kiosk near the grocery store.

Lunch was a simple dhal / paruppu sadam (rice) with a beans and carrot subzi. The kothamalli (coriander) thogayal was to be exhausted today as there were tell tale signs of fungus setting in.

Paruppu sadam with ghee, carrot and beans curry along with kothamalli / coriander thogayal
Paruppu sadam with ghee, carrot and beans curry along with kothamalli / coriander thogayal

Evening was time for an experiment. The Mrs. went in to the youtube channel of an australia based south canara hobby cookpreneur and came up with the recipe for Tomato Dosa. The raw batter smelt wonderful but did the end product come out as expected. Yes, atleast i thought so but the Miss. dissed the end product and the Mrs. had to be content with exhausting the batter on me. What was for sides – kothamalli / coriander thogayal of course.

Tomato dosa with kothamalli thogayal
Tomato dosa with kothamalli thogayal

The company is in the midst of managing the outcome of one manmade crisis and has had to lurch in to another manmade crisis. While the former tested our resilience the latter is bound to test our reputation.

Hope to learn and come out a winner !

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