Data collection for an analyst evaluation of our capabilities in a particular technology stack is near complete pending alignment to the format in which data has been requested. This has turned out to be a painful exercise due to the co-ordination involved between various teams in the organization. On top of it, the team running this exercise has not been able to influence the anlyst agency to extend the timelines. Their interactions reveal a deep sense of frustration regarding the task on hand. Companies, whether they are service providers or consumers of technology, have to organize their source data in a much better fashion. When reports look rubbish, nowhere else to point fingers but at the source; in the way the data model is defined and entered.

The investor relations call passes off without any major incident. The investor relations teams circulate mind numbing templates that look like the 1’s and 0’s of a star trek screen. We took a step of deviating from the template and wrote what we thought was appropriate to speak about during these times. Teams are unwilling to spend time to read, analyse facts and draw their own conclusions. Second hand information, whataboutery, hearsay etc., become facts. Thinking based on first principles is a must from a young age.

The other presentation to the board progresses with miniscule changes, increments to the thought process and outsourcing of other content to various business owners. The prospect of a Friday is always an appealing one.

While this busy week was unfolding, the deal that was announced a week ago had moved in to contract negotiations and a team was well into discussing specifics of the arrangement. The handoff from pursuit in to contracting was quite smooth and this was possible with weekly communication, pursuit leaders well equipped with the details and solid support documentation.

Lunch was a new dish called chhole paneer pulav. THe Mrs. and Miss. were planning to go about it without any ground masalas but the presence of coconut and coriander and some tantrums from my end ensured that the pulav ended up tasting like the south indian pulav which was prepared just about a week ago.

Chhole Paneer pulao with some salad of cucumber and tomatoes
Chhole Paneer pulao with some salad of cucumber and tomatoes

Equipped the household with two packets of idli batter suggesting that the Mrs. should consider some idlies for friday evening. That meant, including a sambhar as part of the day’s menu. This evoked strong reactions from the Miss but Mrs. convinced her that she would make it in a way that it appealed to her senses. Sambhar – ughhh! Souffle – ahhhh!

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